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Dress to Impress or Dress to Rock(et)

November 2012

As a marketing communications professional, who enjoys Branding, I am often asked to give dressing and dress code tips to my clients.
Clothing is part of the overall Brand experience and contributes to Brand visibility. Shoes are no less important. 

However, last night, I clearly realized, that sometimes, one needs to be able to be sensible and flexible enough to dress for the occasion,
and put aside the "dress to impress". 

Marketing Ideas (to Oneself)
September 2012

How often do you think about something you really want to do and then postpone it? 

In many cultures, the New Year brings with it New Year resolutions. The Jewish New Year (5773) starts next week. Being Jewish and having grown up in England means I allow myself to make New Year Resolutions on Rosh Hashanah – and then re-examine them towards the beginning January of the next Gregorian year. That way – I can adjust and fine-tune accordingly. 

This past year has been extremely busy – especially workwise. As a freelancer that is good news! However, it is easy to lose a balanced perspective of work/life/family, especially when committed to providing top-notch services to my clients. 
My resolution for this coming year is to actively work on that balance. Planned action: see more of my family and close friends I miss. To actually meet up with them and not just talk about it. 

So having successfully marketed the idea to myself (and it wasn’t easy persuading myself) the goal has been set.  I started by meeting up with my one and only favourite brother, Damien, for a coffee yesterday evening. We haven’t met up “one-on-one” for ages, just because of regular, day-to-day stuff: kids, work… It was great to sit and chat. 
This morning, I phoned two of my closest friends and colleagues, and agreed to set a “once-a-month” meeting to exchange ideas, support each other in our businesses and be there for each other. It’s already in my calendar with a note to myself not to cancel. 
What’s all this got to do with marketing you may ask?
Marketing starts by asking questions and deciding what you want to do – and what you need to do – in order to achieve your goals. You then need to find the right messaging, communication channels and appropriate audience to pitch to – in order to support your goals. Once you commit to your goals “out-loud” and in public, you create expectations and hopefully anticipation.
Now – all you need to do is meet those expectations, achieving your goals along the way.  
Shana Tova Happy New Year Marketing Communications Word graphics
So – that’s what I did today. I marketed the idea to myself – having checked that it should have a positive effect on both my business and life in general. Knowing that I’m a tough boss to myself, I knew a “public” commitment to my friends and family (in addition to myself), should be an enabler. Channels selected included personal one-on-one meetings, email, telephone calls and the Internet. If you are reading this, then you are part of the audience I’m targeting, and committing to, so I thank you. Why don't you consider something you'd like to do and resolve to do it? Carpe Diem 
I would like to wish you a Shana Tova, and hope you will join me in wishing everyone around the world a Happy, Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous New year, regardless of when you celebrate your own new year. 

I dedicate this post to the memory of Stewart Benson, a dear family friend, who passed away last week, at far too young an age. 
(April 1963-September 2012) 

Writing and Copy-writing
December 2011
It’s been a while since I have written for my blog. It’s not that I haven’t been writing at all. You may have even come across some of my pen and keyboard strokes without knowing. 
It may have been a package of AHAVA’s latest “Time to Revitalize” Extreme Day and Night care with exceptional ingredients from the Earth’s most extreme locations. 
It may have been Tamar’s Clinical Training Services website, part of the branding project that I worked on together with Avigail and Yifat at my favourite graphic studio – Studio Avigail. 
It may have been a catalogue of eco-friendly designer stationery by {ula}
You may have seen the world’s smallest camera by Medigus on one of the world’s most famous screens if you were in Times Square, NY. The photo was added to a press release for greater impact! After all – a picture is worth a thousand words


The variety of projects is part of the challenge and fun that make my work so interesting: copywriting, marcom management, marketing content, branding, international exhibitions and more. 
Another advantage of working as a freelance Marketing Communications professional is the range and scope of projects, each one fascinating in its own industry. 
My clients come from different sectors - Medical devices; skincare and cosmetics; innovative start-ups, niche or privately owned training and HR businesses and hi-tech.
They all have one thing in common – they strive to deliver their marketing messages in an interesting way, targeting and captivating  their specific audiences.
As 2011 ends, and 2012 awaits us with exciting new projects,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people I am lucky enough to work with – my clients and business partners whom I also consider as my friends including (but not limited to) : Anat, Avigail, Diva, Itay, Ofer, Tamar and Yaron. 
Wishing all a great 2012. 
To Do or Not to Do
Recently there have been a number of industry blog posts about Marketing in 2010. They discuss a variety of what to do and what not to do in the realm of Marketing. 

So here are a few:

Social Media Marketing Works

I’Social media marketing ve been looking for an event photographer for a social function and I admit my standards are high.

Yesterday, I noticed a fabulous new photo that one of my daughter’s friends had uploaded to Facebook. The photographer’s name and telephone number were embedded on the photo.

A quick Google search resulted in a link to his company listing and from there – I was directed to his portfolio on Flickr. There, I found some wonderfully creative photos. Great I thought – and promptly called him. After a brief conversation I decided he was the one! What more could I ask? He lives in the vicinity, is prepared to photograph the event and preparations, the price seemed fair – and all was set (except for the minor fact that he’s busy on the date I need him).

Everyone knows that the best recommendations are by word of mouth. Will social media come to replace a few phone calls to friends? Maybe not, but the media’s power as a marketing and informative tool cannot and should not be ignored.

However good our gut feeling is about SMM, we shouldn’t forget that measuring social marketing campaigns is important. In a recent post on Marketing Sherpa’s blog, Adam T. Sutton was surprised to find that only 35% of respondents said they were tracking sales conversion and other ROI metrics related to social media.

So for now, I have yet more proof, if I really needed it, that social media marketing works!

On the other hand, I still haven’t got a photographer…


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