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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

November 2009 

An image – it conjures up an immediate spontaneous response.

Tibetan Girl by Efrat Nakash

Tibetan Girl by Efrat Nakash

What do you see in this picture ? I see pure curiosity.

When building your corporate marketing collateral, messaging; colours; fonts and layout are all of great importance. So are images. An image tends to create the initial impression.

Consider building a bank of your own images. Choose the images that you want to become part of your collateral collection, in a similar way that you select fonts and colours.

There are a number of ways to create your own corporate image bank depending on your requirements and budget.

  1. Create your own exclusive images using photographers and graphic artists. This is especially important if you have unique photogenic products such as designer clothes; accessories; artwork; etc.
  2. Purchase images from images banks such as Getty Images. Image prices are often negotiable – a discount is worth a try.
  3. Purchase images at lower prices from websites such as iStockphoto. If you are looking for exclusive images, don’t forget to check if there are numerous downloads for the image you’re purchasing.

If you work with a graphic design studio, they will assist you in the process, recommending images that suit and match your corporate look and feel.

Keep track of all images purchased and expiry or renewal dates of image rights when relevant. The type of image usage often needs to be pre-defined for web, exhibitions, brochures and geographical distribution.

Be sure to choose your images with care – they will convey your corporate message before a word of text has been read.

Thanks to the talented Outdoor Photographer Efrat Nakash for the great picture.