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Social Media Marketing Works

I’Social media marketing ve been looking for an event photographer for a social function and I admit my standards are high.

Yesterday, I noticed a fabulous new photo that one of my daughter’s friends had uploaded to Facebook. The photographer’s name and telephone number were embedded on the photo.

A quick Google search resulted in a link to his company listing and from there – I was directed to his portfolio on Flickr. There, I found some wonderfully creative photos. Great I thought – and promptly called him. After a brief conversation I decided he was the one! What more could I ask? He lives in the vicinity, is prepared to photograph the event and preparations, the price seemed fair – and all was set (except for the minor fact that he’s busy on the date I need him).

Everyone knows that the best recommendations are by word of mouth. Will social media come to replace a few phone calls to friends? Maybe not, but the media’s power as a marketing and informative tool cannot and should not be ignored.

However good our gut feeling is about SMM, we shouldn’t forget that measuring social marketing campaigns is important. In a recent post on Marketing Sherpa’s blog, Adam T. Sutton was surprised to find that only 35% of respondents said they were tracking sales conversion and other ROI metrics related to social media.

So for now, I have yet more proof, if I really needed it, that social media marketing works!

On the other hand, I still haven’t got a photographer…