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AHAVA Active Dead Sea Minerals logoAbundant in healing properties, the Dead Sea’s precious reserves have been cherished throughout history. Located in this mystical, serene desert landscape, The Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories reside by this wondrous source at the lowest point on earth.
Innovation and science paired with infinite respect for nature merge with passion to create AHAVA’s leading, perfecting, and rejuvenating products.


Medigus logoMedigus is a medical device company that specializes in developing innovative endoscopic procedures and devices. A pioneer developer of a unique proprietary endoscopic device for the treatment of GERD, Medigus has an advanced technology platform for developing a wide range of endoscopic procedures. The platform includes the smallest CCD and CMOS video cameras in the world, endoscopic staplers, ultrasound and endoscopy suites. Medigus is publicly traded on TASE.



Keystone Heart LogoKeystone Heart’s mission: Reducing brain injury during complex catheter-based interventions and other complex percutaneous structural heart procedures. Keystone Heart is developing cerebral protection devices designed to reduce the incidence of brain injury (stroke and so-called “silent stroke”) during TAVI procedures. It is specifically configured to protect all three aortic arch take-offs leading to the brain. 


NiTi™ Surgical Solutions has developed the first major revolution in tissue reconnection for GI surgery in more than 30 years. NiTi's technology innovates enabling natural healing right from the start. Utilizing Nitinol-based elements to press together the ends of resected tissue enables a natural reconnection of the intestine after removing a section during colorectal surgery.


2P2D logo2P2D Ltd. is a medical device start-up company developing ClinicAid. ClinicAid will offer the clinical trial market a risk management solution for clinical trials. 2P2D’s solution will provide investigatory medicine clinical trials with real-time monitoring and documentation for drug compliance and adherence, drug supply and drug delivery schedules.


Celltick is the leading provider of innovative mobile marketing solutions for the idle screen. Led by its flagship offering LiveScreen® Media, Celltick mobilizes the power of the idle screen, handling over 60 million monthly transactions through agreements with over 40 mobile operators worldwide. From zero to 40 million in just two clicks, Celltick is the driving force of mobile marketing.


Diva Keren Creative HR provides executive search and human resource consulting services to the Israeli Biomed and Clean-tech industries. The company also caters to related business organizations such as venture capital and investor groups, start ups and incubators. Diva Keren believes that creativity is an essential building block to a thriving business.


TM Clinical TrainingTM Clinical Training provides clinical training services to the medical device industry. Training the health-care professionals and clinically educating the commercial teams requires unique training agendas as no two companies are alike. Professional training is of utmost importance to patient health. TM Clinical Training was founded by Tamar Moyal.


Studio Avigail handles all aspects of branding, visual, and corporate marketing communication collateral. The studio’s major specialty is in all forms of packaging design.
The brand development process combines curiosity, investigation, inspiration, patience and aesthetics, with an aspiration to reach optimum results and outstanding designs.


Rimon Networks is a network consultancy company, offering a range of data and voice networking solutions and services. Rimon Networks also provides consulting services to emerging and new ISPs. Knowledge, professionalism and integrity are combined to provide clients with the most suitable network design and implementation. Rimon Networks serves companies in Israel and around the globe.


{ula} - Unique stationery for anyone with a passion for paper products.
The collection was born out of love for unique, quality stationery blended with a passion for graphic design. Designed to impart the knowledge of how wonderful it is to have a notebook large or small, that you feel you can actually “connect” with and take pleasure in putting pen to paper.


Dafna Gonen provides professional, outsourced Personal Assistant (PA) and Administration Management services.
Delegating time-consuming, critical responsibilities with complete confidentiality and discretion to an executive PA enables you to concentrate on your business and personal goals.


Merav  Goshen Alboher LogoMerav Goshen-Alboher specializes in executive placement in the Hi-Tech and industrial markets. The objective is to create a match between executives at a career path crossing and between a company looking for the right person to advance their company business and organizational interests.


Oxalis Agricultural Technologies Ltd. focuses on innovative technological solutions for agriculture.Oxalis' solutions ensure efficient and profitable utilization of resources, while improving the quality and yield of crops and reducing environmental damage.



ChipDesign HR Ltd. provided professional recruiting services to the Israeli High Tech Industry, specializing in the field of Chip Design.
The Company offered the best, screened, relevant candidates and full technical evaluation reports. ChipDesign HR also offered ideal human resource solutions for small and medium sized companies and specific projects.


The Promarket Group is one of the largest Live Marketing agencies in Europe. The company carries out a multitude of projects a year for leading companies and brands in Israel. Some of the most outstanding live marketing projects, such as the Coca Cola music event, Coca Cola village, concept stores, and visitor centers were initiated and invented by Promarket.