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Marketing Collateral

Whether creating a new corporate marketing concept or working with an existing company "look and feel", we'll design and write your range of corporate marketing collateral including case studies; corporate profiles; brochures; catalogues, circulars and flyers. We will work with you to create any material you require, including corporate stationery, newsletters, etc. We also provide editing services of marketing materials.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to get your corporate message across, proving success to your existing and potential customers. A case study tells a customer story, illustrating the way in which the corporate or product offering can be used successfully. A case study conveys information about the product, presenting the benefits reaped. We will learn about your customer success stories, and present them in a case study that will make interesting reading for your target audience. The objective: readers will realize that this product can successfully do for their organizations, what it is has done for those presented in the case studies.

Corporate Profile

A corporate profile needs to be informative, yet concise, providing the reader with an introduction to the company offering. We will carefully word and write your profile, with the knowledge that this initial interaction will leave a lasting first impression, enticing the reader to learn more.


Well-written marketing collateral is of vital importance, but sometimes an executive gift or gimmick with your company logo provides an ongoing reminder that you “exist”. We will assist you in finding the appropriate gift for the right occasion.